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Free Essential Oil Sample

Essential oils can be a powerful alternative to your healthcare experience

I want to help you in your pursuit of education materials and I also want you to try the essential oils.

In fact, I will be happy to send you whatever essential oil samples you would like to try,

I just ask for 20 minutes of your time so I can teach you;

  • What essential oils are
  • How to correctly and safely apply the essential oils
  • How to tell the difference between quality and questionable essential oils
  • Most common oils that can be used safely in your home

After our conversation and based on what you learn, you can select oil(s) that you would like to experience. I cover all oil cost, packaging cost and shipping cost.

If this is something you would be interested in, let’s schedule a time to learn more.

Fill out my online form.

*samples only sent to US addresses

Just for wanting to learn more, you will get:

  • Free Introductory Essential Oil Education
  • Free Essential Oils to try out first…no commitments
  • Free A to Z Essential Oil Guide so you can look up how to use the essential oils
  • Free Essential Oil Miracles pamphlet which which tells other families’ stories regarding the essential oils, including before and after pictures.

What have you got to lose?


“It was a pleasure speaking with you today, I learned so much new information about the essential oils. I highly recommend speaking with Travis”
-Mary S. Portland, OR

“Yes, schedule your time now. Best 20 minutes I have spent learning about essential oils”
-Suzanne M. Mesa, AZ


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