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Black Pepper

Black pepper essential oils from piper nigrum

Black Pepper is extracted from the red fruit of Piper nigrum

Black Pepper – Piper nigrum

Black pepper essential oils is a multipurpose oil that is extracted from the unripe red fruit of the Piper nigrum plant. A stimulating and highly antioxidant essential oil which has been shown to improve circulation and aid the digestive system, as well as help curb urges to smoke. Black pepper is also a wonderful flavor enhancer but a little goes a long way-use sparingly.

Ingredient: 100% Piper nigrum essential oil

Piper nigrum the black pepper plant grows in tropical regions of the world and is one of the most common spices. The essential oil has a crisp fresh aroma with a light clear liquid. Black Pepper aids the digestive system by awakening the salivary glands all while increasing circulation to help reduce inflammation.





Cooking Uses:

Try the wonderful pasta salad!


Elbow macaroni 16oz (cook as directed) 
1 cup salad dressing 
1 cup Mexican sour cream
1 can of corn (15.25 oz.)
¼ tsp. of mustard
6 oz. of ham (cut in little squares)
6 drops black pepper essential oil

Once macaroni has cooled, put in a larger mixing bowl. Add salad dressing, Mexican sour cream, corn, mustard, ham and mix. After all ingredients have been mixed add 6 drops of black pepper essential oil and mix again. Refrigerate overnight if possible, then enjoy.



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