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Deep Blue Essential Oil Blend

5ml_deepblueOver half of us, based on modern medicine, are generally sufferers of inflammation. Regardless of whether long-term or severe, the end result is usually the exact same, discomfort and pain.

Mother Nature contains within her some of the most useful pain-killer substances recognized by humankind. These Naturally sourced substances like the ones present in 100 % pure essential oils aren’t just effective, they are safe. DoTERRA offers the essential oil blend called Deep Blue which has incredible calming properties.

Wintergreen is just one of countless natural oils analyzed because of its remarkable capacity to reduce discomfort and pain. This blend is miraculous in its chemical constituent properties which are powerfully combined. It consists of wintergreen, peppermint oil, helichrysum, camphor, blue chamomile, blue tansy, and osmanthus all work jointly offering a persuasive capability to decrease swelling, reduce achy joints and sore muscle tissue.

The results are penetrating and deep with continual relief. Utilize Deep Blue right to areas of pain. Its cooling healing benefits can be felt almost instantly. Deep Blue may be used topically and also diffused into the air.


Try Doterra Deep Blue

Item Code Description Price
3105 Deep Blue® 5 ml (3105) US$42.67

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