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Doterra’s Peppermint Beadlets

Doterra now offers its peppermint essential oil in a mouth drop, beadlet. The benefits of peppermint can be found in this simple unique drop which gives an amazing burst of mouth refreshing flavor. Its cooling aroma dissolves in your mouth and invigorates your tongue and senses.

I have found this simple beadlet is a great way to share essential oils with others while on the go.

Even though it is loved as a breath freshener it offers peppermint essential oil benefits such as respiratory health, digestive comfort, and oral care.


Possible Uses: Peppermint essential oil may help with headaches, inflammation, arthritis, anger, depression, food poisoning, fatigue, hysteria, colic, rheumatism, tuberculosis, irritable bowl syndrome, morning sickness, memory, liver problems, regenerative, nerve support, radiation exposure, and toothaches.



Item Code Description Price
38150001 Peppermint Beadlet (38150001) US$15.33

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