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Ginger Essential Oil

doTERRA Ginger Essential OilEven though ginger is a fundamental portion of world-wide food, it’s most well known for its ability to help relieve indigestion. Ginger’s sweet, citrus aroma comes with numerous other healing rewards.

Oil Properties: Laxative, tonic, antiseptic, stimulant and warming.

Historical Oil Uses: Ginger essential oil has been used historically as a spice and also for digestive support. It has been utilized in Egyptian dishes, Greece gingerbread, Roman wines, Indian teas as well as Oriental herbal medications. Each one of these historical food items had their very own abilities from preventing outbreaks to soothing upset stomachs.

Possible Oil Uses: Ginger essential oil can be used for a loss of appetite, broken bones, alcoholism, catarrh, arthritis,chills, congestion, colds, cramps, colic, coughs, digestive disorders, fevers, impotence, infectious disease, flu, indigestion, memory, motion sickness, sinusitis, nausea, muscular aches and pains, sprains, rheumatism, and sore throat.


  • Topically – Can be used directly on the skin or dilute 1:1 with a carrier oil when using with children or those with sensitive skin.
  • Internally – Can be taken internally with gel caps or honey and beverage.
  • Aromatically – Can help influence courage, love, and physical energy.


Item Code Description Price
3008 Ginger Essential Oil 15 ml (3008) US$38.67

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