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Marjoram Essential Oil

doTERRA Marjoram Essential OilAlso known as “wintersweet” or “pleasure of the mountains”, marjoram is among the most commonly encountered natural herbs obtained in kitchens all over the world. Appreciated because of its soothing qualities, marjoram can be utilized topically to relieve exhausted, burdened muscles.

Oil Properties: Anti-infectious, antisexual, antibacterial, 15ml_marjoramantiseptic, expectorant, arterial vasodilator, diuretic, antispasmodic, digestive stimulant, sedative, and tonic.

Historical Oil Uses: Marjoram was used historically for fluid retention, muscle spasms, sprains, bruises, rheumatism, respiratory congestion, stiff joints, and obstructions of the spleen and liver spleen.

Possible Oil Uses: Marjoram essential oil can help with bruises, boils, anxiety, colds, cuts, carbuncles, burns, hysteria, cold sores, headaches, viral infections, shingles, sores, menstrual problems, ringworm, shock, relieve spasms, sunburns, tension, and water retention.



  • Topically – May be applied topically to skin
  • Aromatically – Diffuse doTERRA marjoram essential oil to promote sleep and peace
  • Internally – Can be taken internally by using gel capsules or with food and drink with honey


Item Code Description Price
3014 Marjoram Essential Oil 15 ml (3014) US$25.33

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