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Monthly Essential Oil Blend

A monthly essential oil blend is very unique. It is a unique blend designed for the woman with oils which help manage symptoms of PMS and balance hormones and also support the changing phases of menopause.

Essential Oil Blend Benefits
It is a  blend of 11 essential oils including cedar wood, Clary sage, palmarosa, bergamot oil, roman chamomile, lavender, carrot seed, geranium, fennel, ylang ylang, and vitex which provides sort term respite from nausea, cramps, hot flashes, and the emotional swings. It comes in a convenient 10 ml roll on.

Who Is This Product For?
A Monthly Essential Oil Blend is for women of all ages which offers sort term support of symptoms of PMS and transitions through menopause.

Directions For Blend Use
Use topically on chest, abdomen, or on the back of the neck during the day for symptoms associated with PMS. The blend may also be used aromatically by applying on hands and arms.


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