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Oregano Essential Oil

doTERRA Oregano Essential OilYou know the flavor of Oregano because of its taste with tomato sauce on one of Americas favorite food, pizza. As an essential oils it offers so much more as a cleansing agent and also for it digestive and respiratory qualities. Oregano offers powerful antiviral properties which boosts the immune system and work as a natural pain-killer.

Oil Properties: Antifungal, antiseptic for the respiratory system, antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, and an immune stimulant.

Possible Oil Uses: Oregano essential oil can help with digestive problems, viral and bacterial pneumonia, colds, balance metabolism, and can fight off bacterial and viral infections


  • Topically – Dilute with a carrier oil with a ratio of 1:3 when using topically. Apply to bottom of feet to speed up boost to immune system.
  • Internally – Take internally with use of gel capsules.  doTERRA oregano essential oil is very strong.
  • Aromatically – Diffuse (Although I suggest not as it is a powerful agent)


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3018 Oregano Essential Oil 15 ml (3018) US$32.00

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