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Repellant Essential Oil Blend

Repellent Blend

Repellent Blend is an all-natural, super-concentrated insect repellent which is formulated with a proprietary blend of 15 essential oils that have been scientifically shown to repel insects more effectively than other synthetic insect repellents. Just a small amount of super-concentrated Repellent Blend will provide powerful coverage and lasts up to 6 hours per application. It smells great and can be used safely by everyone in the family without worry. For topical or aromatic uses.

Most insect repellents cover you with a harsh odor and unnatural chemicals. Yet a Repellent Blend has a wonder all-natural smell with even a hint of sweet woods.

Common use:Natural insect repellent

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One Response to “Repellant Essential Oil Blend”

  1. Roxy M says:

    I want a sample of this sooooooo bad!! Please please please???!!!! I have been in search of an insect repellent made of essential oils that actually works & is not diluted forever!

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