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Throat Discomfort

sorethroatSore throats are one of the ailments that I dislike the most.  Oils that I love to use are On Guard, oregano, lemon, lavender, marjoram, and sandalwood. You could also apply eucalyptus, melaleuca, thyme, peppermint and cypress.

Try to start the application at the first sign of throat discomfort, this is more effective since you are attacking it near the beginning. Try any of the following methods or a combination of all of them.

  1. Gargling with 1-2 drops of any of the above oils mixed with some water can be effective. Some of the more popular oils for gargling are On Guard, oregano and lemon or a combination of those three. Swallow and repeat the process about every hour until soreness starts to subside.
  2. Inhalation of oil either through a diffuser or by placing a few drops of oil in a dish or pan with very hot water can also feels soothing and be very effective.
  3. Ingesting a couple drops of On Guard mixed with water every hour.
  4. Topical application could include a couple of drops of oregano or lemon to a warm compress.




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One Response to “Throat Discomfort”

  1. sharlene says:

    I have been using lemon, frankincense, oregano, eucalyptus and anything that sounds good at the time! LOL I’m out of On Guard, but I do have some On Guard drops and they work well! (like cough drops)

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